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    Spraying Machine SPRAYMIX

    Used equipment - in good condition
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    This compact and user-friendly Spraymix sprays all kinds of liquids (e.g. egg wash, emulsion, oil and water) accurately and with a minimum of mist and overspray.


    • Suction directly out of the container; no spilling or loss of product
    • Consistent coverage with a minimum of mist and overspray
    • Separate and step-less adjustment of air and liquid pressure
    • Connectable to existing compressed air systems
    • Clear operating panel with 2 pressure gauges
    • Easy to operate, move, clean and maintain
    • Completely stainless steel and other non-rusting materials
    • Protection of vital machine components (for safety and conservation)
    • Also suitable for baking trays and molds
    • The SPRAYMIX is available with an air compressor and trolley, but can also be connected to your existing compressed air system

    Pneumatic equipment - compressor not includedYou can view an illustrative video of the machine in operation: