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    Semi-automatic Bread Slicer

    Semi-automatic Bread Slicer
    SKU: MCF
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    Available model with base or table top

    Technical specifications:

    Specifications / ModelMCF440SMCF440T
    VersionWith base(standard)Table top
    Maximum dimensions of bread (mm) L/W/H440x310x160440x310x160
    Slice thickness  (mm)8-10-12-14-16-208-10-12-14-16-20
    Power Supply *3/400 V3/400 V
    Motor0,75 Kw0,75 Kw
    Consumption2,0 A2,0 A
    Net weight155 Kg110 Kg

    * On request the machine can be supplied with other voltages (mono or three-phase) different from those indicated