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    Robot Cook

    The first professional cooking with heating! Emulsify, pulverize, beat, chop, mix, knead ... all these functions are carried out perfectly by Robot Cook®. Available: demo on request
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    Portes grátis

    The first professional cooking with heating !

    Emulsify, pulverize, beat, chop, mix, knead ... all these functions are carried out perfectly by Robot Cook®. In addition, it has an adjustable heating up to 140 °, with grade accuracy. The large capacity of the bowl allows to produce in sufficient quantity for the needs of the professionals.

    Watch a video of the machine running:

    Power: 1800 Watts
    Voltage: Two phases  230 V
    Motor: asynchronous
    4 speed functions:
       • Variable speed: from 100 to 3500 rpm
       • High speed:  Pulse/Turbo de 4500 rpm
       • Mix speed R-Mix:  From -100 to -500 rpm
       • Blend speed: slow speed blade rotation every 2 seconds

    Heating temperature: Up to 140°C
    Precisão de aquecimento: + ou - 1°C
    Cuter bowl: 3,7 litre stainlees steel bowl with handle
    Liquid capacity: 2,5 litre
    Knives: Knife with Toothed Blades Special Blender Function, Knife with Special Blades Special Function Cutter
    Scraper arm: in the bowl and cover
    Programming function: 9 recipes
    Dimensions (WxDxH): 226 x 338 x 522 mm
    Gross weight: 15 kg


    • Easy to use, with variable speed from 100 to 3500 rpm.
    • A thin result and speed on the execution, with its Turbo rotation speed, which reaches 4500 revolutions per minute.

    • Better control of the preparations thanks to the Pulse of High precision.

    • Mix the delicate products without cutting them with the inverted rotation of the blade: R-Mix® function

    • Keeps the preparation warm thanks to the intermittent function.


    Thanks to its programming function, you can instruct  obot Cook® and your recipes will be reproduce with simplicity as your favorite recipes.


    The power of the Robot Cook® is due to an asynchronous industrial motor of great robustness.


    In full agitation of the kitchen, the Chefs of their opinion.