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    Pasties and Esfihas Forming

    “Formix” is a forming and filling Multidoughts that allows you to work with different types of laminable dough, such as: fermented dough, unfermented dough and cooked dough.
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    Portes grátis

    Forming and filling Multidoughts that allows you to work with different types of laminable dough.

    Produces esfihas, oven cake, pizzas and more !

    Formix Multidoughts is a forming machine and filling machine that allows working with various types of pasta such as: fermented dough / unfermented dough and cooked dough/ (any dough that is laminable).

    Formix Multidoughts is perfect for who is thinking in diversify or expanding their business / since it supports the production line resulting in higher productivity / standardization / economy and quality

    Diversify your menu and produce:

    • Fermented dough: Esfiha / Fogazza / Tart pastry / Mini pizza / etc;
    • Unfermented dough: Empanadas / Oven pastry / Fried pastry / Ravioli, etc;
    • Cooked dough: Rissole / Pierogi, etc.

    Formats produced *: Triangular / half-moon / rectangular / square and round

     *See other formats and sizes available.

    Formix Multidoughts can works with dough rolls or attached to the “Continuous Feeder” device (sold separately) to receive dough that has not yet been rolled. For more information and details, please be free to contact us.

    Formix Multidoughts and filling machine can works with different types of fillings ** such as: meat / chicken / cheese / pepperoni / etc.

    This equipment produces up to 2 small products filled per impulse (up to 30g / each)***

    Some of the features for Formix:
    • PRACTICAL: Simple operation / easy handling and easy to clean
    • COMPACTA: Benchtop equipment 
    • PRECISE: PLC painel that allows the recording the recipes
    • Built in STAINLESS STEEL and food plastic parts. Guarantee of more durability and resistance, besides hygiene to the production process

    Technical Specifications:

    HOURLY PRODUCTION*: up to 20 beats/min

    Machine dimension (Width x Length x Height):  821 x 1896 x 996mm

    POWER INPUT: 0,91kW (1,24CV) – 220V –  single-phase

    NET WEIGHT: Approx. 108kg