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    Packing machine "Flow pack" mod. Easy 6

    Packing machine "Flow pack" mod. Easy 6
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    • Reel holder width  600 mm 

    • Reel holder with expansion roller bobbin system and start 

    • 4 Electronic Temperature Control  

    • Pneumatic locking roller, 3 pairs of welding rollers with 120 mm diameter

    • Command panel with useful graphic interface

    • Infeed belt lenght 2400 mm  

    • Speed up to 150 units/min (variable depending on product type) 

    • Film sensor, self-calculation
    • Counter parts with control to stop the line 

    • Phase stop with blade opening

    • Safety clutch

    • Rotary system sealing or in lenght

    • Power:  240 V 50/60 Hz, abastecimento de ar 6 bar

    • Pack lenght: 60-600 mm

    • Width of welding bars: 250 mm

    • Max. product height: 120 mm

    • Max. product width: 250 mm

    • Max. diameter of the reel: 350 mm

    • Weight:  600 kg

    • Machine dimensions: (L x W x H) 3500 x 900 x 1400 mm

    Pack dimensions:

    A,B,C are the maximum dimensions

    G= indicates de number of the pices per minute