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    Electronic Utensil Wash Machine - Jeros Serie 9115

    Electronic Utensil Wash Machine - Jeros Serie 9115
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    JEROS "PULS" Wash System: 

    Model 9110 / 9115 feature the unique, new developed JEROS "PULS" Wash System as an optional extra. The "Puls" Wash is based on a brand new, efficient wasinh technology.


    Highlights for 9115: 

    - Hygienic machine Design
    - Self-cleaning "Dou Micro" Filtersystem
    - Energy saving, up to 25 %
    - Enviroment friendly "Eco Wash"
    - PULS Wash as an optional extra 
    - Higer/Larger wash volumen as option 
    - New userfriendly control panel 
    - Auto-Off function 



    Wash Area (WxHxD) 810x590x635mm
    Outer dimensions(W*D*H1/H2) mm 960x855x2100x1631
    Euronorm crates 400x600mm 2
    Plates 600x400mm 30
    Plates 600x460 15
    Plates 600x800mm 15
    Gastronorm tray 500x500 1
    40 L Bowl H 457 x Ø 514mm 1
    60 L Bowl H 511 X Ø 575 1
    Eco Wash Yes
    Duo Micro Filter Yes
    Insulated lid, wash- & rinse tank Yes


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