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    Dropping Machine Suprema / Suprema PLUS

    The Dropping Machine Suprema / Suprema PLUS aims to satisfy the most demanding pastries.
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    Portes grátis

    Suitable for the production of butter biscuits and other pastry products (sigh, almonds, coconut cakes, pies, sponge cake, muffins, lady fingers, etc.)

    Standard Equipment:

    • Roller dosing group for hard dough with plastic rollers (minidrop) or stainless steel (minidrop pro), removable and completely detachable for correct cleaning of the parts in contact with the dough
    • Pair of hopper adapters for soft dough
    • Rotary mould and two sets of bronze mouthpieces
    • Two sets of mouthpieces not centered, made in plastic for a production of ring-shaped biscuits

    Optional Equipment:

    • Dosing group of the star type for fluid dough
    • Moulds for the production of pies, sponge cake, muffins, lady's fingers, etc.
    • Multiple bronze or plastic mouthpieces

    Technical Features:

    • Structure in steel and aluminum, paneling in stainless steel
    • Computer with digital display with touch sreen 7 "with 100 memorable programs
    • Dosing group of roll type for dough consisting of PET rolls diameter 80mm
    • Stainless steel hopper with capacity for 24/27 Lt
    • Dosing motor with variable speed
    • Variable speed device for the rotation of mouthpieces
    • Automatic tray feed with electronic control
    • Automatic start device
    • Automatic lowering tray for product detachment
    • Eletronic regulation of the conveyor height
    • Kit service keys

    Available in two versions:

    • For trays 400 mm width (Suprema 400)
    • For trays 450 mm width (Suprema 450)

    Accessories / Dosing group

    Suprema Roller Dosing Group 
    (hard dough)

    Suprema Star Dosing Group 
    (soft dough)