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    Dropping Machine Babydrop

    Basic version. Designed to satisfy the needs of small-sized but demanding pastry artisan producers. Recommended for non-intensive fixed deposited biscuit production. All the technology and quality of the biggest models enclosed in the least amount of space.
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    Computerized Dropping machine for the Production of Pastry and Biscuit with Fixed Mould Ruler 


    • Stainless steel and aluminium structure with stainless steel covers 

    • Computador with LCD display with capacity for 40 memorable programs  

    • Dosing group of the roll type for the dough consistent with plastic rollers and seals profile for soft dough

    • Stainless stell hopper
    • Motor of the dispenser with variable speed

    • Speed of the ajustable feed rate of the tray 

    • Tray advance with time control

    • Automatic start device

    • Automatic lowering tray for product detachment
    • Manual adjustment table height position

    • Kit service keys.

    MOD. BABYDROP 400/450 

    • 1 Dosing group for trays 400/450 of width

    • 1 fixed rule with 6 outputs
    • 6/7 Smooth bronze mouthpieces Ø 10 mm

    • 6/7 Beaded bronze mouthpieces Ø 10 mm Z10

    Available versions:

    • For trays with 400 mm width  (Babydrop 400)

    • For trays with 450 mm width (Babydrop 450)