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    C-Line 10/20/40/60 Planetary Mixer

    C-Line Mixer The C-Line 10/20/40 Planetary Mixers were specifically designed for small and medium productions.
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    C-Line Planetary Mixers

    The C-Line 10/20/40/60 Planetary Mixers were specifically designed for small and medium productions..

    • Economic.

    • Design and characteristics that allow  very precise work cycles.

    • Precise operations due to the simplified control panel. 

    • Operator can control the mixing time and speed 
    • Use of mixing utensils, which are easily and quickly changed, ensuring a delicate, gradual and homogenous mixture

    All these features make the C-Line 10/20/40/60 planetary mixers ideal to whip (ex: mousse and creams) and also to mix small quantities of dough.

    Technical specifications:

    • Structure composed of a durable stainless carpentry.

    • Safety grid is of stainless steel and plexiglass and the head section is covered by specially thermoformed shatter proof plastic safety cover.

    • The various inner drive components are of a durable and unique stainless, while the transmission gears are constructed of rectified steel nickel chrome molybdenum. 

    • Robust, reliable and robust mechanics.
    • Produced according to CE safety standards.

    • Solid protection grill with lifting and locking system in the open position
    • Brake system for accessories