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    Automatic machine for the production of salted and sweet stuffed, DULY 4.0

    Forming and stuffed for a production of coxinhas of two fillings (chicken with curd cheese), bright two colors and / or striped (chocolate with vanilla) with a production up to 4,000 pieces / h, quality and standardization. Learn more below!
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    Portes grátis

    The Duly 4.0 is the ideal machine “coxinhas” in small, medium and large size up to 180gr, salty, sweet and stuffed gnocchi.

    Works with a wide variety of products, with or without filling and 2 fillings. Comfortable, compact, practical and economical

    • Set the thickness of the dough

    • Shapes avaiable


      One filling: up to 4.000 pieces/h up to 30g

      up to 900 pieces/h de up to 180g

      Two fillings: up to 4.000 pieces/h up to 30g

      up to 900 pieces/h up to 180g

      PRODUCT SIZE: from 7g to 180g

      Dough/ Filling consumption (hourly production*)

      Products of 30g: 84kg of dough + 36kg of filling = 120kg (total)

      *Considering 70% of dough and 30% of filling

      DIMENSIONS (Width x Length x Height): 553 x 997 x 982mm (30" x 39,3" x 41,7")

      POWER: 1,07kW (1,45CV)- 220V – Single-phase

      Net Weight: Aprox. 109kg

    ¹ It depends on the type of dough and filling of the product .